Strongman and unconventional training

Strongman and Unconventional training is a huge part of what we do at Van Demon Fitness. With more and more gyms starting to dabble in strongman style training more people will start to see the [...]

6 best exercises

1) Heavy carry- This is by far the best thing you can do for strength and conditioning. This 'umbrella' of exercises could be any thing from a bear hug carry for time and distance, keg [...]

Competition Workout and Rules

How it's going to work: You will nominate if you wish to try for Tier 1, Tier 2 or just training (not competing) Those competing in Tier 1 will not be able to scale any [...]


I really couldn't be bothered training today as it was just 'one of those days'! Yes I'll be honest, it happens to us all. Just cause I'm a trainer/coach doesn't mean I'm always bouncing off [...]

Use It For What It’s For!!!

Just read through an article in the New York Times regarding yoga being bad for you with the author suggesting people should drop the practice as it's terrible for your body. They were scathing in [...]

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