COVID 19 – Lockdown 10

Workout Definition AMRAP15 Max sandbag complex: lap to shoulder to squat to overhead to shoulder to squat (so clean to 1 shoulder, squat then press to the other shoulder then squat again then [...]

COVID 19 – Lockdown Session 5

Workout Definition face time/zoom a friend...no in person contact! (don't go to each other's houses!) 50 rounds: (25 each) You go/I go 10 jump lunges 10 squat jumps 10 KB/DB swings one partner [...]

COVID 19 – Lockdown Session 4

Workout Definition 25 minute cap...(or pick another time cap!) Ladder 1-10-1 Squat clean thruster to ROHS + Odd rounds: Pull-up/Row Even rounds: Sandbag clean Finisher: as far as possible through Headcutter + [...]

COVID 19 – Lockdown Session 3

Workout Definition Bulgarian split squats p/sSnatches p/sTurkish p/scash out:max double unders unbroken**rules: can go back to singles at any time as often as you like (these don't count in score)*can't do double unders= 5mins [...]

COVID 19 – Lockdown Session 2

Workout Definition 100reps L&R Floor press *every break= 5 pistol squats L&R ***stuff it up then do: 2 sets of max pushups= (if your bell was too heavy making you give up before 100 [...]

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