Your Effort = Your Results

There are many challenges and hurdles you need to over come to not only reach an elite fitness level but also to just get to a level where you are changing your body to the [...]

Why Humans Are Doomed

Humans as a race of "beings" are a lucky bunch. We're lucky that when Charles Darwin spoke of "Natural selection" he didn't plan on science saving our butts, and when Herbert Spencer coined the phrase [...]

Milk…Homogenized Or Non-Homogenized?

First let me say that this is a contentious debate that has argument and counter argument. Having said this all the arguments for homogenized milk are simply stating that the process of homogenization is no [...]

The Truth About Fats

Fat would have to be one of the most misunderstood nutrients. With so much conflicting information around as to what/when and how to eat it is no wonder that people are confused. What I have [...]

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