How it’s going to work:
You will nominate if you wish to try for Tier 1, Tier 2 or just training (not competing)
Those competing in Tier 1 will not be able to scale any movements. Tier 2 may scale but only to the scale options given, those just training can choose any scale option(s) appropriate for their goals.
The top 5 female and 5 male competitors trying for Tier1 will go to through. Competitors 6 in Tier 1 (one male and 1 female) will be automatic qualifiers for Tier 2.
The remaining Tier 2 positions will be taken by the next 4 fastest female and 4 fastest male times regardless of whether you are competing as a Tier 1 or Tier 2.
Times and positions will not be released officially until all those wishing to compete have been assessed. For those unable to make the Monday’s session you MUST complete the session by Sunday 15th, to qualify it must be under VDF trainer supervision.

The workout…

Buy in with:
100x Double unders (scale if needed for Tier 2 only with 20x box jump burpees to 400mm box)
30/20/10 each of:
Pullups (can swing/kip but can not touch foot on wall or ground. Tier 2 may use a band but only red/purple. 1x burpee for every time your feet touch the ground)
Box jumps- 600mm (full lock out either on box or when jumping off)
Swings 24kg females/32kg males (full Russian)
Buy out with:
800m run.

30min cut off. (Will take most VDF people under 15mins)