There is heaps of info flying round atm about not feeling guilty if you over indulge, just start fresh tomorrow etc etc…I wonder when our soft approach to telling everyone “its ok” & “you’re doing well” will be seen for what it is…soft! If you want results from your training then stop saying “I’ll start Monday” & “this is my last cake/treat” and GET OFF YOUR ARSE it won’t get any smaller while you’re sitting on it.

 What you ate yesterday DOES matter, just because you’re guilt doesn’t make the calories go away. Today you need to train even harder to make up for it…think this is too harsh? … if ‘soft’ worked we wouldn’t be the fattest nation on eart…h! Take responsiblity for your actions and stop looking for the pat on the back saying ‘its ok don’t worry’ … you need to worry and you need to take charge of your life, you’re a long time dead!