I find it funny how pretty much any food you can buy now days is able to claim virtually anything they want on the packaging.

Pick up most boxes of cereal and they will be loaded with ticks and false claims about it health benefits all over its box. Breads are the same, high protein, high fiber claims everywhere.

So if these claims are true than why are we putting on more fat?

Our biggest problem is that we believe the lies of the companies trying to sell this crap. If a company has a financial interest in the product they are researching than it’s a fair bet that the research will be twisted to suit their needs…making money, not your health!

So what is the answer to healthy eating?

Well it really is easy, all you need to do is drop all the packets and wrappers from the foods you buy…if you feel you are forever reading food labels to try and choose healthy foods than you are eating the wrong types of foods! Fresh fruit and vegetables don’t have food labels because they aren’t processed. Buy and eat food that isn’t processed and I guarantee you will win the battle of the bulge!