Van Demon Fitness Training Policy

At VDF we help you push the limits of what you thought possible. We don’t pretend to be everything for everyone and as such we demand your commitment and best effort. In return we will lead you to results you have only ever dreamed of.

So what is the process for becoming a member of Hobart’s elite training centre? 
Much of the information you seek can be found here, on this web site. If you have any questions at all regarding the information you will read then please feel free to email us at any time. Should you consider that VDF is the right fit for you then the next step in our process is to safely assess where your strengths and weaknesses currently lay and discuss how we should go about moving you safely towards your goals.

Starting your journey with VDF will take commitment, hard work and sacrifice. This will come in equal parts from yourself and your trainers.
All prospective members wishing to join VDF will first be required to complete 3 Personal Training sessions. These may be performed 1 on 1 or may be organised for you and your partner/friend to attend together. These sessions are essential to ensuring your safety, progression and commitment toward your future success and suitability at VDF.

Following your initial 3 PT sessions, fewer if appropriate, you may be deemed suitable to safely join our group sessions and open gym times. However more 1 on 1 work may be deemed necessary to safely train in these environments, your safety is our primary concern. If appropriate, a member can choose to continue PT, train in our group based sessions or continue in a mixture of both.

All membership options are priced to include 2 weeks closure at Christmas, 4 days at Easter and all public holidays. Sunday closure over public holiday weekends will be governed via member consensus.

If you have any questions regarding VDF please view our website for more detail then feel free to email us your queries.


Full Membership

  • Unlimited access to all sessions and open gym at all times centre is open outside of group sessions. Discounts to all workshops and free coffee!

Casual Members

  • Access to 2 sessions per week, open gym at rostered times. Every class or open gym= 1 session

Personal Training

  • $550 per 10 Pack
  • Long Term Reward Options

VDF Online Programming


Personal Online Programming


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Personal training session are available with both Heath and Bill dependent on available times. Please speak to either Heath or Bill about availability.
Whilst we don’t have supervised child care, we do have a safe area specifically for children. As the area is unsupervised, there is an expectation that parents/guardians remain conscious of there children’s actions and supervise them accordingly so their actions do not impact other members.
Your children are more than welcome in the “lounge” area but are not permitted on the gymnasium floor unless participating in a specific children’s session. These rules help to ensure the safety of your children and the comfort of other members.
Your membership may be cancelled at any time. There are no cancellation periods or notice that needs to be given.
It would however be appreciated if your cancelation request could be made via email or text. This will allow for your trainers poor memory!
You are most certainly welcome to bring your family and friends along to VDF.
We are proud of the fact that our members are excited enough by their results that they want to share their experience and results by bringing others along.


Ready to make a life change? We’re thrilled to help you along your path to a fit and healthy life. Our experts take great pride in helping achieve your goals.

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