First let me say that this is a contentious debate that has argument and counter argument. Having said this all the arguments for homogenized milk are simply stating that the process of homogenization is no more dangerous than non-homogenized milk…they are not actually saying it is good for you or any better than non-homogenization.

Homogenization is essentially accomplished by a series of filtration steps under high pressure which squeeze milk and its large fat globules through tiny tubes breaking the globules into microscopic pieces.

OK so “big deal” right! Well yes it really is.

Homogenization is a process that simply improves the look of milk. It is done so the milk in your carton is nice and consistent from top to bottom. Non-homogenized milk tends to be creamy on top and more watery toward the bottom. (Nothing a quick shake won’t fix!)

OK so now for the bad bit…All cow’s milk contains an enzyme called xanthine oxidase (XO) XO has been proven in labs to cause hardening of the arteries leading to heart disease, it does this by replacing a substance called plasmalogen. This XO is normally attached to fat globules via a membrane surrounding the fat, the same globules that we have just super compressed. The small globules of fat created by homogenization have a larger surface area in comparison to the larger globules in the milks natural state…this is the problem! These small globules are digested very easily due to their tiny size; they essentially ‘sneak’ past our body’s natural defense, taking the XO with it. The larger natural globules are far harder to digest and tend to pass through our systems without being absorbed as easily or causing all the damage.

On top of this those that are interested in their waist line need to take note here…the fat that is absorbed in its natural state is recognized as fat by your body and is treated as such. Fat that has been altered by homogenization is not recognized or used for fuel as easily by our bodies so tends to get stored more easily, our bodies place it in the “too hard basket” for use later on…maybe!

At the end of the day non-homogenized milk tastes heaps better and is, in my opinion, far better for us so why would you risk the health of you and your family no milk that is simply ‘uniform’ in appearance?