High Intensity Training or ‘HIT Sessions’ are tough but fun ½ hour small group sessions. HIT Sessions will always vary to keep you guessing and having fun but are always geared toward achieving results as fast as possible. HIT Sessions are periodised to achieve elite results as safely as possible.


1 hour tough but motivating group session. Sessions are only ever as hard as you want to make them and are scaled to all fitness levels. Set yourself advanced goals and your sessions will be as hard as needed in order to achieve them but set moderate goals and your session can be a fun way to improve your fitness. Great place to start your VDF journey.


At Van Demon Fitness we see great benefit in doing things the hard way! Strongman training is based around developing strength in a functional way. This is achieved via lifting, carrying and moving big, heavy and awkward objects. There is simply no faster way to become amazingly strong. These sessions are for all fitness and experience levels. Strongman can often be slightly intimidating at first but once you become used to the movements, under qualified instruction, you’ll become addicted! These sessions are fun and rewarding. In no time at all you’ll be preforming feats of strength you never thought possible.


The ultimate results based training option tailored to individual needs. You are able to train 1 on 1 or as part of a small group of friends or family members. Individual dietary advice included to achieve goals as fast as possible. One on One PT option includes reduced rate for group sessions.


For those not requiring training but needing dietary advice. Personal nutrition plans and advice that will not only see you achieving your goals but will also lead you to improved health and better energy levels.

“ The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights. ”