Hi all,
Well to answer this question I am sorry but I have to ask the question…What are you training for???

My answer would be “NO” if you are aiming at rehabbing a broken spine after a car accident!
“NO” if you are very unfit and new to training…Although modifying some of the “Workout of the day” (W.O.D) would suit.

“NO if you are looking at putting on large amounts of muscle. However if you are looking at adding variation to your stale program or an alternative to “traditional” cardio training than “YES” think “Crossfit” type training is great.

Some reasons that “Crossfit” falls short of being the Be all and end all that many people say it is. Well it doesn’t take into account injuries, movement restrictions or your personal goals, specificity etc.

Some reasons it is great – It trains you to your failure point and pushes you to get the most you can from your training (this is where you will see results)

So I guess I have side stepped that question nicely!!!

Look, ultimately it does all depend on what you are trying to get out of your workouts and how driven you are to achieve your results. Yes I use “Crossfit” style training as part of my training but I don’t blame the workout when I don’t get the results I am trying to achieve. I ALWAYS train to failure (unless in a recovery session!) so if I don’t get the results I am after I need to look at why…If I am trying to put or a kilo or so of muscle yet I am burning up heaps of energy training with “Crossfit” workouts than this is my fault, not the workout! The workouts were simply never designed to do what I am asking from them!

The best thing I can suggest here is to speak with me or another trainer here and we will have a chat about what goals you are trying to achieve…and hey, you never know, depending on your goals, it may be as simple as working through the W.O.D’s. Although “looking” at the W.O.D’s is the easy part!!!