Strongman and Unconventional training is a huge part of what we do at Van Demon Fitness.
With more and more gyms starting to dabble in strongman style training more people will start to see the benefits of this style of training which is great.
So without being arrogant, why is the average VDF athlete so much fitter and stronger than the average from any other gym? A fact proven time and time again.
The answer to this is simple… we don’t just pay ‘lip service’ to strongman and unconventional training. This style of training is who we are…. it’s not just what we play with on a ‘strongman saturday’, it’s not just some funny looking gear in the corner of the room that we hardly touch.
We lift sandbags just as much as we lift dumbbells, we carry kegs as much as we lift barbells… this style of training is who we are at VDF, it’s what we do every day.
For those in doubt… grab a barbell and load it with your body weight. Now grab a sandbag at your body weight. Challenge yourself to lift both of these over your head 10 times. Which is harder? Which makes your body work more? Which will lead to a greater increase in strength?
The same thing goes for something like pullups. While others kip, butterfly and swing we choose to use cannon balls, fat bars and dog bones. If you can do pullups on pinch blocks you will also be doing belly to bar “normal” pullups with no effort at all!
At VDF we never do things the easy way, in fact we actually seek the hard way.
If this mentality isn’t in your DNA then VDF is a gym best left to those that will one day be stronger and fitter than you.