I really couldn’t be bothered training today as it was just ‘one of those days’!

Yes I’ll be honest, it happens to us all. Just cause I’m a trainer/coach doesn’t mean I’m always bouncing off the walls. I can always stay motivated to train others but often when the last client leaves the gym the last thing I feel like doing is training! This doesn’t mean I don’t train however!

I get myself a STRONG black coffee (more coffee than water!) and I plan my session.

Today’s session was all about keeping me honest. VDF people have me putting the pressure on you plus each oth for motivation. When I’m alone in the gym I have nothing to motivate and lots to distract!!!

So what to do? TRAIN!

There is no excuse to put anything ahead of your health. So today I set the clock to keep me honest.

EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) workouts are great for keeping you honest.

Today was simple:

1st minute = front squat 100kg x 4 reps

2nd minute = 30kg dumbbell (2 bells @ 30kg each) hang clean and jerk 6reps

3rd minute = 10 strict pull-ups.

Repeat for 30minutes.

Finish with 5sets of 5reps of a log clean and press at body weight.

This worked well for me as it took my head out of my workout. I had my weight, my reps and my exercises and I simply waited for that clock to beep. It kept me honest.

Training is sometimes the last thing we feel like doing… It is ALWAYS the first thing you should make time for.