Just read through an article in the New York Times regarding yoga being bad for you with the author suggesting people should drop the practice as it’s terrible for your body. They were scathing in their critique of Yoga….people that read these VDF blogs will know I’m no fan of Yoga so I want to share my opinion with you all.

This article in the New York Times is crap!

Yes, this is the opinion of someone that should agree! I hate yoga, I think it is bad for your body and I think it is often sold as a weight loss tool and total body ‘stretch’ that it is simply not intended to be!

So why am I supporting Yoga? … I’m not. I am disagreeing with the article. It’s just like someone racing a family car against an F1 car and as a result of losing they say the family car is crap. No it’s not crap, you have just used it in a way it was never intended! Running shoes make shit mountain climbing boots, a coffee table makes a really poor radio!

My reasons for criticizing yoga aren’t because I don’t see it’s purpose, it’s because it is often used as a status symbol and weight loss tool to make centres money!

The paper will always report on the guy that has a heart attack while running on a treadmill but never the guy that has one sitting on the couch…why? Because it sells papers!

The New York Times article sold papers.

Use a product for what it is intended and in the case of gyms, yoga centres (or VDF HIT Centres!) make sure the instructor knows their stuff. An type of centre is only as good as it’s instructor.