Humans as a race of “beings” are a lucky bunch. We’re lucky that when Charles Darwin spoke of “Natural selection” he didn’t plan on science saving our butts, and when Herbert Spencer coined the phrase “survival of the fittest” I would bet he didn’t plan on humans looking like they currently do!

Well I felt compelled to write this blog as more of a vent than anything else…People are FKN idiots!

We as a race are our own worst enemies. We feed ourselves full of processed shit and invent machines to do our work for us…why move if you don’t have to?

It is scary to think that we will be the only generation in human history to fail to out live the previous generation. With all our preventative medicine and scientific advancements we are still running out of legs. (remember running…its what you used to do before your doctor told you its bad for your knees!)

We sit in our chairs in front of our TV and computer screens claiming we don’t have time for exercise. We load up on processed food claiming that we don’t know any better and “I thought it was healthy” well ignorance can only be used as an excuse for so long…It then becomes known as stupidity!

Main stream media continues to float the benefits of cereals, breads and margarines loaded with “health benefits” and “cholesterol lowering ingredients” relying on the fact that we are all too stupid to realize that it is these products causing our health issues in the first place.
Why is it that we can have science uncover the fact that sugar has terrible health implications as far back as 1972 yet we are still using it in vast quantities in nearly everything we eat?

…We are lazy idiots, that’s why!

There are some people that strive to improve their health but what happens to these people? are they placed on a pedestal and used as an example of what “health” looks like? NO they are chastised for being obsessed about fitness and eating. Heaven forbid should a female lift weights and become strong…you’ll be lynched by every fat, lazy “stroke in waiting” tree hugging hippie out there.

Well now I am even “over” this blog post!
I am off to indulge in some terrible Trans fats in the form of Coconut oil and have a full fat coffee with a little extra cream. Following this I just may go and train…being the terribly obsessed person I am.
Don’t be one of the lazy stupid people…they’ll be dead soon!