There are many challenges and hurdles you need to over come to not only reach an elite fitness level but also to just get to a level where you are changing your body to the point that you start seeing results. Today I want to talk about just one of those many, many hurdles…your head!

We, as humans, are often our own worst enemy. We are consistently looking for excuses so we can avoid taking responsibility for our actions (or lack there of!) When confronted with failure we will often chose to avoid starting something rather than risk failing at it. We will look for faults rather than seeing the benefits, we will criticize those that succeed where we are too scared to tread.

There are plenty of “self help” books out there that will help you with these issues, however that is not what this post is about.

I have never been a “fluffy” or “touchy feely” trainer and I am not about to change now! The point of this blog post is to make you realize that you are ultimately the only person that can help yourself!

Your own head is your own worst enemy. Other people will often look to bring you down, you will struggle through poor motivation, you will have to deal with fluctuating energy levels but at the end of the day, one thing and one thing only will aid your results….YOU!

Ultimately you choose what you eat, you choose when to skip training, you choose what attitude you carry with you for the day and you choose who/how/what affects you for the day. You are in charge of your own destiny. If you are carrying too much fat then this is a choice that you have made. If you are not happy with your training progressing then this is your fault. Blaming others for your shortfalls won’t make their arse any bigger but it will stop you from losing yours!

When it’s cold and you don’t want to train you need to think of why you are training, what makes you get out of bed to drive to the gym? If you are not sure what this is then you will not last. It may be a week, month or even a year but eventually you will give up.

If you train with others you can use them for motivation but how long will someone else be able to motivate you? How long will they be able to drag your lazy arse to the gym? How long will you be motivated by what they say or do?

What does your partner lift? How fast do they run? WHO CARES! What they do has no bearing on your results. Worry about yourself!

What you do matters to only one person…you!

Take responsibility for your choices, your results are yours to be proud of as you have earned them. No one else did the work, you did.

Your lack of results however are yours to call your own as well. Others can help, others can guide you but at the end of the day you are the only one that makes the choice.

Make the right choice, if you choose the wrong path… You have one more choice to make: Keep blaming others for your situation or choose to step up and sort your shit out!